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People & Places

Jon at bear-raided hive

Jon pretends to examine a bee hive raided by an Asiatic black bear. 2009. (6)


Ternei Snow

Ternei has recovered from the storm that left 6 feet of snow. 2009. (1)


Andrei with Faata Male

Andrei waits in the blind for the Serebryanka Male. 2009. (1)


............. Tolin Dver

The door to Tolya's hut; decorated with fish owl feathers and Amur snake skins. 2008. (1)



Jon walking out of the Tunsha River valley in a blizzard. 2009. (5)



Airport in Agzu (population ~150). 2006. (1)



Samarga (population ~250). 2006. (1)



With loggers on the 18hr boat ride south from Samarga to Plastun. 2006. (2)


vova and jon

With local hunter Vova Volkov near Amgu. 2006. (2)



A cold winter morning in Ternei. The Sea of Japan is in the distance. 2007. (1)


Snowy huts

We stayed in this hut for several weeks of the 2007 season while attempting fish owl capture. 2007. (1)


We stayed in this hut while searching the Sherbatovka River for fish owl sign. 2008. (1)