Blakiston's Fish Owl calls are now available as ringtones. Preview and download the juvenile or a pair duetting.


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Downloads & Links

Fish Owl Video
Watch a short clip about fish owls from the Wild Russia series, a six-part documentary that aired on Animal Planet in the United States. This footage was shot by wildlife filmmaker Henry Mix and others, and features the actual owls we study.

Wild Russia Documentary
Wild Russia, which aired on Discovery and Animal Planet channels in the United States (and National Geographic channels elsewhere), is available on DVD here. The Primorye episode features several of our fish owl study animals, including Avdei and Manya (Saiyon Territory), and Genri and Yanna (Mineralnaya Territory). A Blu-Ray verison is available from Germany here, and includes all six episodes (the US DVD has five episodes), with German and English audio tracks.

List of Fish Owl Literature
Some of these articles can be downloaded as .pdf files. A few were very hard to track down.

Juvenile Fish Owl Ringtone (538 kb)
Not everyone can download this delightful shriek from the Center for Biological Diversity's site (you need an internet connection on your phone). Click on the above link to preview, or right click and "save link as" to download the .mp3. Then upload the file to your phone via Bluetooth or USB, then set it as a ringtone! Your cats will go nuts.

Make Your Own Blakiston's Fish Owl
Yamaha Motors has free cut-out plans you can use to construct your own Blakiston's fish owl sculpture. Kids like to do stuff, right? Might as well have them make paper fish owls!

Rocky Gutierrez's University of Minnesota Research Lab
Who Jon works with at the University of Minnesota, and the projects they are involved in.

Wildlife Conservation Society's Russia Page
Who we collaborate with in Russia

Russia's Grizzly Coast Exhibit at Minnesota Zoo
Jon was a consultant on this amazing 24 million dollar exhibit, which opened in June 2008.

Ever wonder what the deal is with insects? Let InsectaPodcast fill you in.

Sundarbans Tiger Project
Jon's colleague Adam Barlow is spearheading some ground-breaking work with tigers in the Sundarbans mangroves in Bangladesh.

Steller's Sea Eagle Fieldwork
Photos from Eugene Potapov's fieldwork with Steller's Sea Eagles in Kamchatka and Magadan, Russia. Great stuff.

John Goodrich Wildlife Photography
A seasoned tiger biologist, John has taken some incredible wildlife photos over the years. This site is worth the visit.

Wild Salmon Center
A non-profit organization dedicated to research and conservastion of wild Pacific salmon species throughout the Pacific Rim. They conduct research in some of the same rivers where fish owls are found.