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Fish Owls

Male owl

Adult Blakiston's fish owl looks at me with suspicion near Olga, Primorye. 2007. (1)



An outstretched wing. 2007. (1)



Close up of a fish owl foot. 2007. (1)


banded male

This banded adult female paused upon release, allowing for this photo. 2007. (3)


big owl

Blakiston's fish owls may be the largest owls in the world. 2007. (3)


olga chick

Blakiston's fish owl chick near Olga. April 2006. (2)


Jon and chick

Jon with the Olga juvenile in April 2006. (2)



Blakiston's fish owl chick near Olga. June 2006. (2)


Surmach's chick

Sergei Surmach with chick near Olga. June 2006. (1)


Ternei Morning

Sergei Pizuk, a graduate student, aided us in capturing the Serebryanka male. 2009. (1)


Faata Male

The male we caught on the Faata River. 2007. (1)


on the wing

Fish owl on the wing. 2006. (4)

fish owl

Fish owl near Olga. 2006. (4)


The Faata male. 2007. (1)



Manya, the Saiyon territory female. 2010. (1)


Dzhonik the Kudya male searches for fish. Still shot from our infrared camera. 2010. (1)


Dzhonik got one. 2010. (1)