Blakiston's Fish Owl calls are now available as ringtones. Preview and download the juvenile or a pair duetting.


Fish Owl Gear

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Other Animals

A Tengmalm's (or Boreal) owl near the Shrebatovka River. 2009. (1)

Mandarin duck. 2008. (1)


Stellars eagle

Adult Stellar's sea eagle. 2006. (1)


Northern goshawk. 2008. (1)

Volkov's puppies. 2010. (1)


Eurasian flying squirrel. 2010. (1)


Raccoon dog. 2008. (1)


Dead salmon

Dead Chum salmon litter the banks of the Sadoga River. 2006. (1)


The snout of a poached boar in the Granatnaya basin near Amgu. 2008. (1)


Mush Deer Head

Male Musk deer. 2009. (1)


Dead salmon

Sakhalin taimen, photo provided by Wild Salmon Center (c) Mikhail Skopets