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Collaborators: Sergei Avdeyuk

Role: Lead Wildlife Technician
Affiliation: Amur-Ussuri Center for Avian Diversity, Vladivostok, Russia

A Dalnegorsk native, Sergei has been involved with fish owl research since the mid-1990s. Sergei has an uncanny knack for finding fish owl sign in the field, be it the light scrape of a wing against snow, or a down feather clinging to a branch.  Sergei single-handedly trapped and released a Blakiston’s fish owl in the Amur Province in 2004, in doing so becoming the first known person on the continent to capture and release a fish owl for scientific purposes.  Sergei is also involved in survey efforts for the Mountain hawk-eagle, a very rare breeding raptor in Primorye. For many years Sergei was also involved in bird monitoring on Sakhalin Island, a project managed by the Amur-Ussuri Center for Avian Diversity. 

Selected Publications:
1. SLAGHT, JC, S. AVDEYUK, and S. SURMACH. 2009. Using Prey Enclosures to Lure Fish-Eating Raptors to Traps. Journal of Raptor Research 43: 237-240.

2. TAKENAKA, T., S.G. SURMACH, AND S.V. AVDEYUK. 2002. Results of habitat researches of Blakiston’s Fish Owl in Russia and its importance for environmental activity in Japan. Report of the Pro Natura Foundation 9:1-6. (in Japanese)