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May  2019


Blakiston's Fish Owl calls are now available as ringtones. Preview and download the juvenile or a pair duettiing.


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Support Blakiston's Fish Owl Conservation by buying customizable fish owl gear.



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As seen in Audubon Magazine, BBC, The Guardian, and others, welcome to the best source for information about Blakiston's fish owls on the internet. From natural history to scientific literature to photographs, just about everything about these enigmatic owls currently known to science can be found here.

The Blakiston's fish owl is endangered, and the largest owl in the world. Found only in northeast Asia, this secretive species has a fragmented distribution in remote forests of northern Japan, the Russian Far East, and northeastern China.

The Blakiston's Fish Owl Project is a collaboration between the Wildlife Conservation Society's Russia Program, the Institute of Biology and Soils (Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch), and the Amur-Ussuri Centre for Avian Biodiversity.

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